who is this bitch?

Well I’m SO glad you asked…

First of all, she’s not a bitch. RELAX.

Anyways… if you had asked Katie Benvenuto a year ago who she was, she probably still wouldn’t have known. But she would have called herself a writer and stopped at that. Yet, after the revelatory events of the last couple of years (from The Women’s March to the TIMESUP Movement), Katie realized she had been holding herself back from her true passion; directing. Now, a year later and with her a four projects under her belt, Katie is focusing all of her energy on her next script and delving deeper into the directing world.

Katie began her career as an intern at Comedy Central and The New York Television Festival before receiving her Masters Degree in Screenwriting from The London Film School. During her postgraduate career, Katie’s written numerous scripts that have been featured in many competitions including The Austin Film Festival, The Screencraft Fellowship Program and The Scriptapalooza TV Writing Competition.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2015, Katie has worked on such projects as "Kong: Skull Island," “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, "Pacific Rim: Uprising”, “Barry”, “Forever”, “Homecoming” and “Dead to Me”. Her love of Production has elevated her writing and influenced her directing style, and she hopes to continue her current career through a more creative lens.

Katie uses every opportunity given to her to hire and promote women within the industry. Her first short had a crew that was 90% female, and she plans to continue to hire women on every set she is on to further contribute to the goal of 50/50 by 2020.. She is an active member of Women in Film, is training to be a volunteer for the WriteGirl Mentorship, and encourages feminism and female empowerment in everything she produces.

If she's not found reading, writing or binge-watching whatever show the Netflix zeitgeist demands of her, Katie can be found hanging out with her small dog whilst avoiding all social obligations placed upon her. She also enjoys long sits on the beach, listening to podcasts that give her an air of awareness, and using humor to deflect from the awkwardness of talking about herself in third person.


Also, she is kind of a bitch.

And she likes it.

Thanks, Tina.